Cat Power is sick both health and financially speaking.

Her Australian tour may be in doubt after the singer posted on Instagram announcing that she may have to cancel her forthcoming shows in Europe due to financial problems and her struggles with a skin condition called angioedema.

“I may have to cancel my european tour due to bankruptcy & my health struggle with angioedema. I have not thrown in any towel, i am trying to figure out what best i can do. Heart broken. Worked so hard. Got sick day after “sun” came out & been struggling to keep all points of me in equilibrium : mind, spirit, body healthy centered & grounded. I am doing the best i can. I fucking love this planet. I refuse to give up. Though i may need to restratagize for my security & health.”

Angioedema is skin disease which results in the rapid swelling of areas of the face, throat and mouth, which in some cases can result in blocked airways. It can also lead to severe stomach pain and vomiting.

Cat Power has a history of unpredictable live performances, in part due to her struggle with alcoholism and highly publicised battle to overcome crippling stage fright. On her now infamous 2004 tour of Australia, she abandoned her show at Sydney’s Metro to lie in the audience and chant “ad infinitum about the need to ‘fuck the pain away’.”

Cat Power has just released ‘Sun’, her first album of original material in seven years.

We will keep you posted.